Mountain of youth

Water is the foundation of almost all of today’s skincare products. The quality of the water can make a significant contribution to the functionality and effectiveness of the product in question. That’s why we’ve chosen to use pure, mineralized and unfiltered glacier water directly from the Matterhorn – Switzerland’s most prominent mountain range.


We combine the Swiss Alps most precious secrets with the newest and most innovative achievements of the scientific world, to create products that really work.


Glacier Water

The best kept secret
of the Swiss Alps

Water is the elixir of both life and beauty. When skin cells lack moisture, they can lose their elasticity and become dry, meaning wrinkles are more likely to appear. Aside from its natural beauty, the Swiss Alps are also recognized for having some of the purest air on earth due to the low nitrogen oxide and ozone levels found within the region. What is perhaps lesser known is that hidden deep within the many alpine valleys lie one of the cleanest water sources you can find.

Remarkably these sources have been left preserved and untouched for centuries as they originate from depths that are many thousands of meters below sea level - this leads to them being rich in minerals and other trace elements.

The benefit of using glacier water in our products is that it is free from bacterial and other contamination as it has gone through a natural filtration process that takes place over many years. Due to its chemical composition, it can be stored inside the skin extremely well. The balanced mineral content of glacier water also helps the skin to maintain a healthy pH level, as well as supplying it with important nutrients and keeping water deposits stable.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Swiss glacier water:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream
PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum
PRECIOUS Cleansing Milk
PRECIOUS Micellar Water

Alpine Rose

Alpine Rose

Protects the skin from
environmental impacts

Alpine rose, also known scientifically as Rhododendron ferrugineum, is a very distinctive flower that blossoms high up in the Swiss mountain regions between the months of May and July. Its resilience against the harsh elements of the winter months is shown by its ability to constantly regenerate itself each year.

The evergreen leaves of the alpine rose are extremely resistant to many harmful environmental factors including strong UV radiation and intense cold temperatures. What's more, they already appear plump and green as the snow begins to melt in spring. Responsible for this phenomenon are proteins known as dehydrins, which are extremely precious and have the ability to store moisture which is found on the leaves of the rose.

CHIARO ZURICH has harnessed these powers inside its formulas to help enhance the skin’s natural barrier of protection which may have been compromised due to age-related reasons and environmental factors such as UV exposure and climatic stress.

In particular, the leaves of the alpine rose can relieve dry and stressed skin and as a result, the skin's own stem cells are left protected and vitalized. Once the skin barrier is strengthened, it is then better protected against climatic stress. Additionally, scientific experiments have shown that the potent properties of the alpine rose stimulate the growth of collagen, and therefore allow skin to appear smoother and younger.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain alpine rose extract:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream
PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum
PRECIOUS Cleansing Milk
PRECIOUS Micellar Water

Snow Algae

Snow Algae

An anti-aging
secret weapon

Snow algae - also often referred to as "watermelon snow" due to its reddish color - thrives high up in the regions of the Alps during the warmer seasons. It is an energy source that lives in a crystalline world of snow and ice. There it flourishes, even under the most adverse conditions. In order to protect itself from strong UV radiation, selected species of snow algae, like that of the Chlamydomonas nivalis, begin to produce a red pigment. Researchers in Switzerland have discovered that snow algae can provide powerful benefits, not only in their natural habitat but also in our skincare routine. Snow algae extract stimulates the unique Klotho* gene (also known as the longevity gene) and the AMPK* protein (an enzyme that balances cell energy), which enhances the self-protection and repair functions of skin cells, and as a result, slows down the aging process . In the end, skin looks firm and supple. Other benefits include increased collagen production, improvements in the skin’s papillary structure, and intense hydration.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain snow algae extract:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream
PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum



Gently cleanses and
refreshes the skin

The beautiful Swiss cornflower is known for being benefitial for the skin. On the one hand, the extract from its deep blue blossoms has a calming, decongestant, moisturizing effect, and on the other, it helps thoroughly cleanse the skin by removing makeup and dirt particles. The ingredients of the cornflower consist of tannins, bitter substances, salicylic acid, flavonoids, and mucilage, which are all said to have soothing yet astringent effects. This valuable flower extract is a true savior for sensitive skin around the eyes. It can help reduce bags and swelling underneath, whilst intercepting free radicals, leaving dry skin firm and refreshed.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain cornflower:

PRECIOUS Micellar Water



Innovative protection against
blue HEV light

InfraGuard is a new innovative and active ingredient which is composed of tara tannins and sunflower extract. This substance offers proven protection against infrared light and the accelerating effects of skin aging. Among other things InfraGuard can protect skin cells from blue light - any light that is emitted from mobile devices and computer screens. According to the latest scientific studies, high amounts of blue HEV light affect our skin. What's more, blue light can penetrate us from only a short distance away and can reach deep down beyond the skin's surface where it causes free radicals to form. These free radicals can reduce the energy in the mitochondria, which plays a key role in the proper function of cells and tissues. This activity can affect skin cells and leaves skin dry and weak which can then lead to premature aging. InfraGuard has been proven to neutralize these free radicals and protect the skin against oxidative stress induced by infrared and blue light.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain InfraGuard:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream



Miracle cure against the early signs of wrinkles, pigment spots and blemishes

Niacinamide is a skincare ingredient that undoubtedly deserves attention. Also known as a vitamin B3 derivative*, it is a water-soluble powder that is used for a large number of skin conditions and is therefore a star talent among active ingredients. What's more, Niacinamide helps with blemished skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves uneven skin tones, strengthens the natural skin barrier, and gives pale skin its "glow" back. Niacinamide for blemished skin: Reduces sebum production, and is extremely delicate yet moisturizing.

Niacinamide against dry skin: Stimulates the production of ceramides and cholesterols (skins barrier of protection), even in small amounts. A protective skin barrier ensures water loss is reduced, meaning skin is less likely to dry out. Niacinamide against wrinkles: Stimulates lipid production, promotes collagen, and the formation of elastin, thereby firming the skin. It also helps against light wrinkles. As an antioxidant, it prevents the first wrinkles from forming by gently absorbing UV rays and moisturizing the skin so that it doesn't become dry.

Niacinamide for sensitive skin: Niacinamide is much milder than chamomile, aloe vera, and green tea . This is not only useful for blemishes, but also for sensitive skin. Niacinamide against pigment spots: Reduces the transport of melanin-containing pigment cells to the skin's surface which ultimately prevents the formation of pigment spots whilst softening existing ones. New research shows that niacinamide can play a key part in protecting the skin from the effects of blue (HEV) light and pollution.

It can even help the skin to regenerateitself. The long-term effect is that skin looks younger and more radiant. Derivates are individual vitamins that have been enhanced, which allows them to be less sensitive to ambient temperatures. Since they are made up of lipophilic esters (fat-soluble compounds), they are much more absorbable and can be used in lower doses within cosmetics.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Niacinamide:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream
PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum
PRECIOUS Cleansing Milk
PURE INFUSION ultra restoring biocellulose sheet mask


Hyaluronic Acid

The ultimate weapon against
the first signs of wrinkles

HA, is the ultimate anti-aging weapon that possesses deep moisturizing power and can hold 1000 times its weight in water – these things act as a filler for fine lines and wrinkles. Most of our HA can be found within various skin layers and can provide an antioxidant defense that works brilliantly against the effects of free radical damage. Unfortunately, the body's own production of HA decreases with age, which causes the skin to lose both elasticity and firmness, and wrinkles to appear.

If the skin is repeatedly supplied with HA over a sustained period of time, it becomes plumper, and wrinkles begin to fade. High Molecular Weight High weight hyaluronan molecules provide instant intensive hydration to the surface layers of the skin for an immediate smoothing and firming effect. Low Molecular Weight Low weight hyaluronan molecules have been split into smaller fragments meaning they can penetrate the skin’s surface much easier and deeper than their counterparts for a long-term affect.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Hyaluronic Acid:

PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum



Aquaxyl™ – ensures
deep hydration

This multifunctional and highly moisturizing ingredient harmonizes the skin's water balance and optimizes its hydration system. At the same time, the skin's barrier function is strengthened, moisture loss is reduced and it becomes much more resistant to environmental influences.

By penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, Aquaxyl stimulates the formation of aquaporins, which belong to a family of membrane proteins. Water channels are formed from aquaporins, which penetrate the cell membrane, resulting in an exchange of water.

The more aquaporins exist, the better the water's transport system works. Aquaxyl's impact works two-fold; on one hand the water reaches the skin's surface much quicker, and on the other hand, more water can be absorbed from the outside. This leads to a visible improvement in skin's overall appearance, mainly because now the skin's surface is much smoother and fresh. This amazing effect occurs immediately after usage and can last for a very extended time.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Aquaxyl:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream



Purely vegan

Squalane is often referred to as the “secret to silky skin”. Traditionally, it is sourced from shark liver oil however we only use vegetable-derived squalane which is just as highly effective at improving skin's overall appearance. It can even help lock in moisture which ensures thorough hydration. Additionally, squalane can penetrate deep into pores, allowing for better absorption of cosmetic products. It also slows down the aging process by not only restoring fine lines and wrinkles but preventing them. Lastly, Squalane is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and is a natural antioxidant, therefore it performs like a vitamin by protecting cells.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Squalane:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream


Apricot Kernel Oil

Reduces blackheads, softens age-related pigment spots and repairs damaged skin cells

Apricots are harvested by hand during the summer sometime between mid-June and mid-July. The valuable apricot kernel oil is made from the kernel of this fruit. Above all, this oil helps moisturize dry and sensitive skin. Thankfully, it contains a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids which means it doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling. The combination of both oleic and linoleic acids helps to combat acne, whilst also preventing dryness and skin irritation. It can even help to reduce dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness around the eyes. This non-irritating and soothing oil is easy to apply externally as it is quickly absorbed and is also able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. The result is skin that feels noticeably softer.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Apricot Kernel Oil:

PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum

Acacia Collagen

Acacia Collagen

Plant-based beauty substance
for maintaining a
radiant complexion

It has been discovered that elastin and collagen are the first two substances to break down during the natural aging process. This is exactly why acacia collagen is useful in skin care, as it replenishes us with plant-based collagen in the form of polysaccharides. Not only does acacia collagen stimulate our body's own collagen production, but it also provides us with an intense moisture kick that locks itself in while strengthening the skin barrier. Using acacia collagen on a regular basis can visibly smoothen fine lines and wrinkles in just a short space of time. Since this beauty secret also has an astringent effect (contracts tissues), the skin's pore structure is completely refined, leaving you with a fresh and clear complexion.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Acacia Collagen:

PRECIOUS Hydrating Serum

Shea Butter

Shea butter

Soothes the skin
and keeps it soft
and smooth

Shea butter is obtained from the fruits of the shea tree. The actual shea nut can be found inside the green fruit of the tree. This nut is then peeled and grounded into a brown paste and then covered with hot water. Once this is done the paste is kneaded and the fat separates before floating to the surface. This fat which has been skimmed and cooled off is what eventually becomes shea butter. Shea butter regulates the moisture content of the skin and has a calming and smoothing effect.

Another benefit is that it is heavily loaded with vitamins and minerals. Its unsaponifiable content can help strengthen the lipid barrier of the corneum, which makes it an ideal treatment for dry skin. It is considered the best at soothing tired and irritated skin. Shea butter consists of triglycerides, fatty acids, vitamins (A, D, E), and many other active ingredients. Lastly, it protects against harsh environmental factors, has a cell regenerating effect, and keeps skin soft and smooth.

The following CHIARO ZURICH products contain Shea Butter:

PRECIOUS Facial Cream

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