Why a Balanced pH Value is Important for Sensitive Skin: Radiant Skin with pH-Neutral Skincare


Skin pH plays a fundamental role in the health and beauty of our skin. If it gets out of balance, it can endanger the skin’s protective acid mantle and quickly lead to changes in the skin’s appearance.

But what exactly is pH, why is it so important, and why are pH-neutral skincare products the best choice for healthy and radiant skin? Let us explain.

The Science Behind Skin pH: It's All About Balance

pH is a scale from 1 to 14 that measures the acidic or basic nature of a substance – with a value of 7, such as water, being considered neutral. For skin, the optimal pH is usually between 5.0 and 6.5, which is slightly acidic.

This slightly acidic pH value is crucial for preserving the skin barrier, which consists of a fine film of lipids and moisture.

An intact skin barrier protects against harmful environmental influences and bacteria, prevents moisture loss, and helps our skin renew itself approximately every 28 days.

When the skin’s pH level becomes unbalanced due to pollution, stress, frequent showering, or inappropriate care products, it can lead to a disrupted skin barrier. This can cause dryness, premature aging, irritation, inflammation and even acne.

Why pH Skin-Neutral Products are the Best Choice for the Skin

pH skin-neutral skincare products, like those from Chiaro Zurich, are specially formulated to respect the skin’s natural pH and maintain its balance. Unlike strongly alkaline products, which can significantly increase the skin’s pH value, pH skin-neutral products are gentle and ideal for daily use, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

The skin should never feel too dry, tight, or oily, especially after cleansing, as this signifies the acid mantle has been compromised.

By choosing pH-balanced products, you can ensure your skin stays in optimal condition to retain moisture, reduce inflammation, and minimize the risk of unwanted skin issues. They also support the natural function of the skin barrier and promote healthy and radiant skin.

pH Skin-Neutral Products from Chiaro Zurich: The Perfect Choice for Radiant Skin!

At Chiaro Zurich, we understand the important role a balanced pH value plays in our skin health. That’s why each product has been carefully formulated to respect and restore the skin’s natural pH. For optimal care.

Finally, our entire collection has been tailored so that it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Because we believe everyone should be able to achieve a healthy and radiant look.

Discover further advantages of our pH-neutral Swiss luxury skincare here.

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