Are you struggling to create a flawless base for your makeup? What is the secret to a bright and perfect all-day (or night) look?

How to Achieve a Natural Glowing Base for Long-Lasting Makeup


Are you struggling to create a flawless base for your makeup? What is the secret to a bright and perfect all-day (or night) look? Achieving a flawless and plump complexion is easier than you might think.

The Perfect Duo for Glowing Skin

Even the best foundation will fail to provide you with an even and long-lasting result if your skin is polluted and dehydrated. That’s because only skin that has been deeply cleansed and properly hydrated is at its best before each makeup application. We’ll explain why these two essential steps are so important in creating a luminous and long-lasting makeup look and how to implement them.

Cleansing – for an even complexion!

Without proper cleansing, your foundation may fail to blend seamlessly, leading to uneven coverage, streaks, or patches. Only clean skin provides the perfect base for makeup products to attach to.

When the skin is free from impurities, makeup can be applied more evenly, allowing a smoother and more natural finish. This can also determine how long your makeup lasts.

Hydrating – creating a plump canvas!

The second important step is to properly hydrate your face, neck, and all other areas where you apply makeup, directly after cleansing. Dehydrated skin can intensify the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making foundations, concealers, and powders settle into these areas. Even the smallest wrinkles and fine lines can appear more prominent.

Hydration helps plump the skin, minimizing the visibility of fine lines and creating a smoother and more even canvas for makeup application. Well-moisturized skin also helps makeup last longer by providing a balanced surface that doesn’t crack or crease throughout the day.

Let your skin glow!

Finally, hydrated skin is better reflected in the light, giving it a natural radiance. This glow comes from the light being scattered evenly across the skin’s surface, which becomes more challenging when the skin is either dry or dehydrated.

The Routine

1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin with high-quality, non-drying, and effective products, such as this Cleansing Milk and this Micellar Water from Chiaro Zurich.

2. Quench your skin by applying a well-absorbing hydrating product to ensure an even canvas. The silky-smooth texture of this Hydrating Serum from Chiaro Zurich melts into the skin, leaving it feeling smoothed and hydrated. The result is a dewy glow and perfectly nourished skin.

3. Allow the product to absorb into the skin for a few minutes. Your foundation will blend perfectly on top and last all day (or night) long!

The Result

Remember, every makeup application is an opportunity to enhance the appearance of your skin and to take care of your skin health.

By investing time in proper skin preparation as well as proper makeup removal, you not only elevate your makeup game but also contribute to the long-term health and vitality of your skin.

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