When deciding where to turn for Skincare, we went back to nature .

Our Inspiration

Chiaro Zurich was founded with the idea of developing premium vegan skincare products for today’s “Generation Blue-Light” The picturesque and untouched nature of the Swiss Alps and all their hidden healing powers also had a part in inspiring us along the way. Together with Swiss researchers, our small team has been working hard behind the scenes to fulfil two of the most important needs of “Digital Natives” – time for ourselves and protection from harmful environmental damage.

Our Work

Each product is produced exclusively here in Switzerland, where they’ve been tested to the highest quality standards. Our exclusive formulas combine the most valuable and best-kept secrets of the Swiss Alps, along with the most modern and revolutionary skincare technology available in today’s industry. Our entire routine consists of truly multifunctional products that are both gentle but efficient, meaning anyone can use them. What’s more, they are capable of covering the most important skincare needs of our urban-stressed generation, including combating digital aging and providing on the go solutions that are quick and easy to use.

Our Values

One of the things we value most is effectiveness, which is why we take great pride in personally testing every batch of products we produce, that way we can feel completely confident in their results.

We are also believers in offering transparency, especially when it comes to continually improving our commitment to sustainability. Finally, we feel it’s important that we prioritise quality over quantity, therefore we only produce in small and exclusive quantities, which enables us to also stay respectful towards nature.